Project Objectives

Project Objectives

  • Study and analyze the existing situation regarding SUP in each participating country
  • Identification, sharing and implementation of best practices and methodologies gained from previous EU projects and partners activities
  • Reduce the consumption, disposal and impacts of SUP by developing an innovative tool
  • Training groups to reduce adverse effects of human activities on the environment
  • Dissemination and share project’s results and outcomes to potential beneficiaries and broader audience on a base
  • Raise awareness among a min. of 300 SMEs and 30 NGOs by disseminating the outputs



Raising awareness

Public awareness of the project and the communication of the project results and outputs will be realized through an electronic dissemination campaign at a European and global level and will promote good visibility of project results and outputs at the national/regional levels.

Major target of the project is communicating the outputs to a min. of 300 SMEs and 30 NGOs in Europe to help increase knowledge, promote sustainability and positively change behaviours in regard to minimizing/banning the use of single-use plastics in SMEs, NGOs, the public and other stakeholders across Europe and further abroad, during and post the duration of the project.

"Reducing the Consumption and Disposal of Single-use Plastics in the Tourism Industry in Cyprus, Greece and Malta"
project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.